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One is rhythm king, one is yodeling king. When they work with
each other, magic happens.

We  will explore OP and Kishoreda. All the songs suggested by
my friend Nachiketa Yakkundi, who is an amazing singer himself.

Many of these songs are relatively less known and I wonder why
they are not as popular as some of the other songs. We start
with a song from Kabhi Andhera Kabhi Ujala which of course  
includes yodeling. Then we listen to song sung by Kishore-da
and Rafi-saab, and enacted on screen by Kishore-da and
master Bhagwan. Film is Bhagam Bhag. We  will take a brief
detour from 1950s to 1970s and listen to a song from Ek Bar
Muskura Do. Back to 50s, we listen to two songs from Baap Re
Baap. First song is very  peculiar. It has two taals, Dadra and
Keherva, 6 beats and 8  beats. See how seamlessly the song
keeps going back and forth. Such  songs with two taals are
much  more common in Marathi Bhavasangeet, but relatively
rare in Bollywood. One of these days we can have an episode
dedicated to such songs. The second song is famous
“Ghodagadi” theka, Piya Piya Piya  with Ashaji. We then listen to
a rare one, Kishore Kumar, Rafi and Shamshad.

Finally we have two songs from Ragini. First one has typical OP
interludes. Many times his interludes begin with a single “lay”,
and “lay” doubles in the second iteration of interlude.

The second song is my most favorite one.
It begins with Teentaal and then moves to Kehrva, easy move
because teentaal is 16, kerhva is 8. with Kishoreda and Ashaji
going gung-ho. Yes, it is Main Bangali Chhokara!

For light section I had to choose one with equally lilting and fast
theka. We have none other than Pandita Veena
Sahastrubuddhe  singing a Kabir pad, Ramaiyya Ki Dulhan Lutal
Taal Part 4 - OP and Kishore: Rhythm and Yodeling